Conference 2018

Ancient History from Below: Possibilities and Challenges
International Conference | 22-23 March 2018
Auditorium Nicolau Sevcenko
University of São Paulo (USP) | São Paulo, Brazil
Organizing Committee: 
Julio Cesar Magalhães de Oliveira (USP)
Cristina Rosillo-López (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
Cyril Courrier (Aix-Marseille Université)
Renata Senna Garraffoni (UFPR)
Scientific Committee: 
Fábio Faversani (UFOP)
Francisco Pina Polo (Universidad de Zaragoza)
Glaydson José da Silva (UNIFESP)
Jean Andreau (EHESS)
Paulo Augusto de Souza Nogueira (Universidade Metodista de São Paulo)
Paulo Martins (USP)
Pedro Paulo A. Funari (UNICAMP)
Thursday, 22 March 2018
Opening session
10.00–10.15   Opening and welcome
10.15–10.45      Julio Cesar Magalhães de Oliveira (USP) – Introduction to the theme of the conference
Session 1 –  Setting the agenda: concepts and definitions
Chair: Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh)
10.45–11.15    Kostas Vlassopoulos (University of Crete) – Subaltern community formation in antiquity: languages of social reality and languages of grievance
11.15–12.00    Discussion 
12.00–14.00    Lunch
Session 2 – Between artifacts and texts: social and economic experiences from below
Chair: Norberto L. Guarinello (USP)
14.00–14.30    Kim Bowes (University of Pennsylvania) – Roman agriculture from above and below
14.30–15.00    Cristina Rosillo-López (Universidad Pablo de Olavide) – Economic history from below: the case of the real estate market in the Roman world
15.00–15.45    Discussion
15.45–16.15    Coffee
Session 3 – Weapons of the weak: subaltern social strategies in Greece and Rome 
Chair: Fábio Faversani (UFOP)
16.15–16.45    Fábio Augusto Morales (PUC Campinas) – Metics, slaves, and courts: structure and agency in Classical Athens
16.45–17.15    Fábio Duarte Joly (UFOP) – A study of the social strategies of slaves in Livy’s history of Rome
17.15–18.00    Discussion 
Friday, 23 March 2018
Session 4 –  Voices from below: popular conceptions and self-definitions in graffiti and inscriptions 
Chair: Pedro Paulo A. Funari (Unicamp)
10.00–10.30   Renata Senna Garraffoni (UFPR) – Another Roman History: Pompeian graffiti and excluded memories in the Early Principate
10.30–11.00   Cyril Courrier (Aix-Marseille Université) and Nicolas Tran (CNRS) – La Gaulle Narbonnaise vue d’en bas? Problèmes et possibilités
11.00–11.45    Discussion
11.45–14.00    Lunch
Session 5 – Reading against the grain: cultural and religious popular practices in ancient texts
Chair: Julio Cesar Magalhães de Oliveira (USP)
14.00–14.30    Paulo Nogueira (Universidade Metodista de São Paulo) – Early Christianity as a popular religion in the Roman Empire
14.30–15.00    Lucy Grig (University of Edinburgh) – Approaching religious history from below? Lived religion in Late Antiquity
15.00–15.45   Discussion
15.45–16.00   Coffee
Closing session
16.00–16.30    Conclusion (The organizers) – What have we learnt?
16.30–17.30    Meeting of the Research Group: Prospects for the future